A Quick Guide To Gozo Island, Malta

I recently returned from travelling Malta, the little known archipelago country in the Mediterranean. Sitting between Italy and Africa, it’s the southernmost country in all of Europe. The English speaking country is surrounded by crystal clear water and boasts 300 days of sunshine annually, making it the perfect destination to visit all year round.
Malta, the country, is made up of three islands- Malta, Comino and Gozo and they can all easily be explored over a few short days.

I will be writing about what to see and do in Malta over a three part blog series. This post is for Gozo Island but you can find the first post for Malta Island here.


How To Travel Around Gozo Island

Whilst buses travel around the island frequently I think the best way to explore this country is via car. It only cost us around €40 to hire a car for three days so it probably worked out the same financially as taking multiple buses a day to each destination, but saved us a whole lot of time. Plus, I always love the freedom that having your own car gives you. You can drive around the whole island in less than a few hours, we only used a quarter of a tank of petrol in the whole three days.
To reach Gozo Island from Malta Island you will have to take the ferry across, which takes roughly an hour and costs €15.70 for the car and €5 for any extra passengers. You pay this on the return from Gozo only.
Gozo is much smaller than Malta Island and so you need even less time to explore it.



What To See And Do On Gozo Island


Dahlet Qorrot Bay

A beautiful and quiet little bay to spend some time swimming.

A quick guide to exploring beautiful Gozo Island, Malta.


Ghantija Temples

Older than the pyramids of Egypt this UNESCO site is not to be missed for any history buffs.



Ramla Bay and Calypso Cave

A beautiful and long stretch of beach that’s super popular with the locals. Unfortunately you can no longer the majestic Calypso Cave as it’s not structurally safe but hopefully will be re-opened to the pubic in the near future.

A quick guide to exploring beautiful Gozo Island, Malta.



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Wied Il Ghasri and Wied il Mielah

Whilst I found the natural, limestone window of Wied Il Mielah to be very underwhelming, discovering Wiel Il Ghasri was one of my highlights on our adventures in Gozo Isand. There was almost no one there and it felt like we had found our own secret little swimming spot.

A quick guide to exploring beautiful Gozo Island, Malta.


Azure Window and Blue Hole

The iconic azure window was one of the most visited spots in all of Malta but unfortunately collapsed in early 2017. It’s still worth visiting the area for the blue hole, an inland sea pool that is very popular with divers.

A quick guide to exploring beautiful Gozo Island, Malta.


Gozo was much quieter than Malta Island with very few people, very few cars and many dirt roads that led to these beautiful little finds. Next up I’ll be writing a guide on the stunning Camino Island and the Blue Lagoon.


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