How To Visit The Sahara Desert, Morocco

The Sahara is arguably the worlds most famous desert and so we knew a trip to Morocco would be incomplete without visiting it. Riding Camels on glorious red sand dunes, watching incredible sunsets and sleeping under the stars was exactly what we dreamt of experiencing during out visit to the Sahara desert.


How To Visit The Sahara Desert

Being a ten-hour drive away from Marrakech we knew it wouldn’t be an easy place to visit independently so decided to do a tour for this once in a lifetime trip. We did our research and I Go Morocco seemed the best option. We were planning on visiting Fes during our time in Morocco, so the three-day Marrakech to Fes tour seemed our best option. It included airport pick up and drop-off to our hotel in Marrakech as well as transport, accommodation, most meals and tours over the course of the three-day Sahara tour. We would then be driven to Fes by a taxi at the end of the tour (which was an 8 hour drive away. The main van went back to Marrakech if that is preferable). For €135 per person I found this to be quite well priced.
The tour wasn’t perfect (we had to wait two hours at the airport for our hotel transfer and then got pulled over five minutes after leaving the airport as the driver didn’t have the right permit so we had to sit around for a further hour until another driver picked us up. They also claimed they never found the clothes we left on our shuttle bus when we hurriedly got transferred into a taxi after the overnight Sahara trip) but all in all we had a really great time and would recommend it for your own Sahara adventures. Just be conscious of the fact that it’s still Africa and things don’t always run as smooth as you’d hope.


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The Three Day Sahara Desert Tour Itinerary

As the Sahara Desert was so far away the tour had many stops along the way to break up the days of driving. We visited a small Berber village and was shown how they make their rugs by hand and how they live their daily life. We visited the Todra Gorge and admired the Atlas Mountains for hours and hours. We also  visited the relatively small but beautiful town of Ouarzazate (aka Kasbah Ben Haddou). The town is known for two things, as the gateway to the Sahara Desert and as a popular filming location. Over 100 films and TV shows have used this beautiful town as a film set including Gladiator, The Mummy and Game of Thrones.


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Camping In The Sahara Desert

Finally, after what felt like days of driving we finally reached the Sahara desert, the red sand dunes getting larger and larger with each mile we drove. We were dropped off at a hotel where we were given refreshments (mint tea, of course) and where we could store our luggage for the night. We were then taken to the camels to start our camel ride into the desert for sunset. We spent around two hours winding through the magnificent red sand dunes, the colour of the sand dunes changing from yellow to bright red and everything in between. It was magical.

We then arrived at our Berber campsite where we were greeted with more tea and a delicious dinner (probably the tastiest Tagine in the whole trip). Once our bellies were full we sat around the warm fire and listened to the Berbers play traditional music. It was Andy’s birthday and they were so lovely in getting him up to play the drums with them (and even had a birthday cake for him and another guest).
The stars were incredible, with no light pollution to deter the view the sky was covered in millions of stars. Absolutely stunning. The bed was covered in sand but you can’t expect much else when in a desert can you? At 5am we woke up and hopped back on the camels (my butt was so sore and bruised by this point that this ride was more painful than enjoyable if I’m honest haha) for the sunrise trip back to the hotel and on to the drive to Fes.



We had an incredible time exploring Morocco’s Sahara Desert, Andy said it was his best birthday ever. The Sahara is a magical part of the world and I’m so glad we got to tick it off our bucket list.


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    Thank you so much for your blog! It answered a lot of my questions and is helping me shape my family trip to Morocco. Do you know if there are any 2-hour or half-day tours of the desert? We’re limited on time and one family member isn’t too keen on spending the night in the desert.

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      Hello Ivette
      yes you can spend half day tour of the the desert and you can explore others places you can contact this agency they offer trips
      Your Morocco Holidays

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    Oh the mighty Sahara Desert, how beautiful through your lens

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    What an amazing experience! It sounds like taking a guided tour is a good option to see the Sahara desert and good value too. I love your pictures of the sunset, the sand looks so vibrant.

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    Wow this sounds like such an incredible experience! It sounds like a guided tour is definitely the way to go, even with a few minor mishaps. And for that price you really can’t go wrong! The Sahara is definitely on my list, so I will keep this all in mind.

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    Looks a great trip I am hoping to go to Morocco so I will check out I go Morocco. Your photos are amazing really vibrant. I would love to camp in the Sahara I have never been camping so it would be a cool adventure.

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    Lovely pictures of desert and red sands of Morocco. I live very close to desert and I always like to visit desert. Street shopping in Morocco looks tempting for me. Also those small houses on hilly slopes and one photograph having different layers of mountains are very scenic

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    Camel ride in Sahara desert that to witnessing a sunset!!! It has all the ingredients of my dream. Fantabulous pics!!!
    Music and dance by the fireplace and the food looks good too. What an experience!

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    You have chosen a great tour company. I also want to join a Sahara desert tour because it is one of the unique experiences in the world. I like that you went to the market. I am fascinated with the fabrics, clothing, and accessories in Morocco. Did you eat a chicken or lamb tagine? Your meal looks delicious.

  • Reply Rahul Khurana 14/06/2017 at 3:22 pm

    Camel Safari is on my bucket list for long. But before going internationally for a ride, I should soon go to the Thar Desert in India. The Sahara Desert looks wonderful and the landscape pics are so beautiful. Loved the street style market between the walls. It must have been an amazing birthday for Andy. 🙂

  • Reply Only By Land 14/06/2017 at 9:27 am

    The Sahara desert is a lot closer to Marrakesh than I realized, just 10 hours away. I Go Morocco seems to be the perfect company to take a tour out to the Sahara desert with. From your pictures, of the landscape, the people, the clothing and the food, this looks like a completely unique experience.

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    Oh my goodness, that looks incredible. I can’t even imagine riding a camel like that. Definitely adding this type of experience to the bucket list.

  • Reply Rachelle 13/06/2017 at 5:33 pm

    I’m such a romantic and kept hearing the beautiful soundtrack to “The Mummy” while scrolling through your pictures. Even though it might have started off a little rocky, it looks like you were able to enjoy your trip. That price sounds completely manageable and a steal of a deal. I can’t wait to do this someday!

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