Packing Essentials: Tech Gadgets for Every Travellers Bag!

Over the next few weeks I will be writing a series on How to Pack Like a Pro. First up I will be looking at the Tech Gadgets that I always pack with me. Our electronics are both the heaviest and also the most expensive things in our backpacks but are also things that we just couldn’t travel without.

Gone are the days where travelers would communicate to their loved ones back home via telegrams and the mail. We now live in a world where communication is effortless, where it easy to share your pictures and stories online, easy to Skype your loved ones and easy to document all of your experiences and memories forever more (because trust me, your memory will fade. I forget so much).
Whilst I love getting off the grid for a few days and going technology free (it’s essential every now and then for your mind and soul) it is just not possible to do this constantly when traveling long-term (or when you are a travel blogger like myself ). Love it or hate it, technology is here to stay and I personally couldn’t travel without these items below!






Or any smart phone of your choice. Personally, I really LOVE my iPhone. I could never see myself using another smart phone. iPhones are easy to use, are super versatile and with Apple stores easy to find in most major cities of the world it is easy to get help or advice when your phone has issues whilst on the road. Whilst I haven’t had a phone number/contract in years (airplane mode all day, everyday) my iPhone is the most versatile item in my bag. I use it to contact my family and friends (wi-fi can be found pretty much everywhere), I use it to keep on top of my two email accounts (personal and work), use it as a digital calendar, use it to take photos and videos and share said photos online (p.s you should follow me on snapchat and instagram), use it to check the weather and figure out currency exchange on the go. Best. Device. Ever!

8 Electronics Every Traveler Needs to Pack



Once you go Mac you never go back! Apple pretty much rules my life and my Macbook is no exception. I use it to Skype home, Blog (obviously) and watch movies and TV among other things. I have had a 13″ Pro for the last five years but will probably go down to an 11″ MacBook Air when the time comes to replace, to make my bag that little bit lighter.



I sang my praises for my Kindle Fire in my post 15 Things I Always Pack and I meant every word. I am a total bookworm so being able to carry hundreds of books with me wherever I go for only 400grams weight is life-changing! My back is loving me for it. Yay for Kindles!



I had wanted an SLR Camera for as long as I remember. I’ve always loved photography and always loved the idea of having a camera with extra features (I’m totally amateur though). Just before we left Australia my boyfriend purchased an SLR Camera which I quickly adopted as my own (girlfriend benefits, right?) and we have loved it. They are a bit heavier and bulkier than a small point and shoot but have so many extra features, in particular long exposure which can be used for many things but my favourite use is to capture the Northern Lights. We currently have the Canon EOS 600D (which I believe is now discontinued) but in my dream world I would upgrade to the Canon Mark 5D, the camera professional photographers use, the quality is incredible (if anyone wants to buy me a birthday gift, please make it this 🙂 )!!!

8 Tech Gadgets Every Traveler Needs



This is essential in my eyes. I know so many people who have had their cameras stolen and in the process lost all of their travel photos because they hadn’t backed them up. I would be DEVASTATED if that happened to me. I always upload all of my photos onto Facebook (sorry FB friends for the thousands upon thousands of pics) to make sure I always have access to them but the photo quality does get reduced once uploaded. If you are serious about your travel pics and videos then you will need an External Hard-Drive to store them at their optimal quality. Make sure it is portable and at least 1TB as the space goes quickly. My iPhone and Macbook are always full as I literally take thousands and thousands of photos so my hard-drive is essential. Plus I have hundreds of movies and tv shows easily accessible when wi-fi is too slow to stream.



My phone is always too full of photos and videos to have enough storage for music so I like to carry a small iPod Nano with me. It is so light and small so it is perfect for travel.



This is for sure the most versatile camera in the world. We have used our GoPro everywhere from surfing, scuba diving, skiing, road trips and just regular photos. It can be used under-water, can be used in adventure sports and activities, it is super small, super lightweight and really easy to use. We have an older version, the GoPro Hero 3 Silver, but I’m totally eyeing up the GoPro Hero 4 Black. The new features and picture quality is incredible!

8 Tech Gadgets Every Traveler Needs to Pack



We have recently added to our tech gear with a wireless speaker. It is so, so small yet the sound is incredible!! It is perfect for using when traveling, at the beach or cooking a meal. For $19 it is also a bargain! We have the Avantree Portable Speaker and LOVE it!



We originally had a small, compact tripod but upgraded to a larger more versatile one when living in Banff and photographing the Northern Lights regularly. We love it. When you are taking photos using long exposure you need your camera to be perfectly still and so a tripod is essential. It is also great for traveling solo as you can set up your camera on self timer and take photos of yourself to your heart’s content. I always get frustrated when I ask someone to get a photo of me in front of a landmark to look at the camera and see that they have totally cut said landmark off and have just taken a photo of my face (seriously, people are dumb). With a Tripod you no longer have to rely on strangers photography skills to get the perfect shot! If you are worried about space a small tripod is still better than none!

BANFF. Seven Continents Sasha



Of course with such expensive equipment you will always want to carry them in your carry on luggage so that they don’t get broken in the hands of airport handling. I also always recommend having a Dry Bag as they can keep your gear (and passport) dry during rain or water activities etc. There is also the option of having a Waterproof Day Bag that can also store all of your tech gear. And most importantly, always have travel insurance so if they do get stolen or broken on your travels you have them covered.





There you have it. These are 8 Tech Gadgets I always pack in my backpack!
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Over to you. What Tech gadgets do you always travel with?
Or which items listed above would you add to your bag next time?
Let me know in the comments below! 


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    Hello ! Thanks for sharing such great informative article.
    Without gadgets life is so boring !

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    I like to travel light so couldn’t imagine carting around all that stuff! For me, just the DSLR for nice photos and the smart phone… and maaaybe the iPad. Mind you, the speaker would definitely come in handy for the next trip 🙂

    • Reply Seven Continents Sasha 02/04/2016 at 2:50 pm

      Haha, luckily I do get to split the load of this with my boyfriend so my bag doesn’t weigh a tonne. But our gadgets bag is much heavier than our clothes bag haha, unfortunately as a travel blogger I need far too many gadgets 🙂

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